Lock Hole Copy Router

-It is composed of  three-hole drill and copy-routing mill

-It can process various kind of holes, grooves and water slots 

-Adjusting parts are on top of machine for easy access

-Changeable copying plates for different holes and grooves

-Power 220 volt 60 HZ


Lock Hole Processing Machine LZF3-300100A

Priced at only $8.480.00 or lease for $ 195.00 PM oac



End Milling Machine

-Will process various profiles

-accurate end cuts of mulling extrusions

-Worktable can be adjusted vertically to make it suitable for different profiles

-Power requirements 220 volt 60HZ

-Motor rotation speed

– minus 65 degrees to plus 65 degrees

End-milling Machine LXD-200

 Priced at only $ 8,350.00  or lease for only $ 190.00 PM oac


Hand Corner cleaners

-Hand units designed for use on Vinyl windows and doors

-3 Models : Surface corner cleaner

                      External Corner Cleaner

                      Internal Corner Cleaner

-Air operated

-Hand speed control

Internal corner cleaning toolPortable Surface Corner Cleanerexternal corner cleaning tool

 New equipment and priced at only $299.00 each


Special buy all three models for only $799.00



New Window and door corner cleaner For Vinyl

-Can clean Corner Seam welding tumor on top, bottom and vertical surfaces

-By changing different formed cutters it can clean welding seam of different profiles

-It features Program control, Pneumatic drive and floating modulated pressure pulling cutter devices

-Machine is suitable for different levels of profiles

-Power is 220V,  3 phase ,  60Hz

-Processing width is 1 1/8″ to 4.4″

-Processing profile height is  1 1/8″ to 4  3/4″


semi-auto corner cleaning machine:SQJ01-120

$9,950.00   Leasing available at $220. pm oac

SQJ-CNC-120B-3  CNC Corner Cleaning  System

-Machine adopted Delta server and advanced LCD touch Screen 

Operating without professionals 

Operators can grasp operation and programming in a short time

Uses the worlds most advanced touch interface.

Operating screen is used for long service life

-Can clean multi-shaped welding seams, clean the up/ bottom, and the outside vertical service etc. at the same time

-Can store hundreds of programs, fit for various profile processing

Very user friendly

Uses 220V, 60 Hz, 3 phase power

CNC corner cleaning machine:SQJ-CNC-150B-3 New Model

Priced at only $19,995.00  or lease for only $ 440. PM oac

 Arch Window Bending Machine

Uses hot heat transfer oil to soften the profile

-Makes bending of profile easy and accurate for a variety of curved shapes

– arch radius  19.5″ to 71″

-220 volt 60 Hz

Arc shape bending machine:SYH-1800

 Priced at only $15,520. or lease for only $340. PM oac


 Single Head Any Angle Single Point Welder

-Excellent for special shape windows and doors

-Welding action controlled by PLC

-30 degree’s to 180 degrees

-220 V 3 phase 

-Welding Height up to 6 1/4″

-Welding width 3/4″ to 4 3/4″

Any angle welding machine model SH01

 Priced at only $9120.  or lease for only $209. PM oac



SHZ2   Two Head Welding Machine

Suitable to weld both Vinyl windows and doors

-CM oil less Bearings

-PLC control system

-Very accurate and efficient 

– 220 V 60 HZ 3 Phase

-Welding length 15 3/4″ to 138″  welding height 3/4″ to 4 3/4″

Two-head Welding MachineSHZ2-120×3600

 Priced at only $ 12,960. or lease for only $295. PM oac



Two Head Welding Machine SHZ2G

-LM linear bearing

-Excellent for PVC windows and doors

-Can do shapes and mullions

-PLC Control System

-Very accurate and efficient

– Welding Length  15 3/4 ” to 142″

-Welding height  3/4 ”  to  4 3/4 ”

– 220 V  60 Hz  3 Phase

Two-head Welding MachineSHZ2-120×3600

Priced at only $15,840.  or lease for only $350. PM oac

Two Head Seamless Welder

-Model SHWA2

-This welder is designed for colored, co-extrusion and sprayed vinyl extrusions

-The welding slag is immediately cut  away by cutters installed on the clamping  devices 

-Leaves only a hair crack of less than .002mm

-It can process a variety of shapes

-Has JDB solid oil less bearings and LM linear guide

-Comes with PLC Control system

-Very accurate and efficient 

-220 V  3 phase 60 Hz

-Welding length 15  3/4″ to 142″, with welding height of 3/4″ to 4  3/4″

Two sides seamless two heads welding machine model SHWB2-120×3600

Priced at only $   29,800. or lease for $ 630. PM oac



ShP4-3000B  Vertical  4 point welder

-Solid frame construction

-Feeding system adopts linear guide pair for high accuracy and smooth operation

-Common profile fixtures along with the welder can meet various height profiles

-Back plate are easy to change

-Two clamping boards feed symmetrically resulting in parallel welding and increased weld strength

-High quality computer control system for precision welding and ease of operation

-220 volt 60 HZ  3 phase

-welding height 1″ to 6″

-welding width 5.5

-welding range 16″ X 16″ to 76″ X 118″

NON CNC vertical four corner welding machine

Priced at only $38,850. or lease for $830. PM oac



CNC Vertical Four Point Welder

-Solid frame construction

-Automatically returns to original position for ease of operation

-Feeding system adopts linear guide pair

-Size tolerance compensation is available for increased welding precision 

-Length locator is by means of a ball screw system for high accuracy

-220 v.  3 phase 60HZ

-Welding height 1 ” to 5  7/8 ” Welding width is up to 5 1/2 “

-Welding range is 15 3/4″  X 15 3/4″ X 71″ X 118″

CNC vertical Four corner welding machineSHP4CNC-3000B

Priced at $54,900. or lease for $1,177. PM oac


Sampson- Corner Cleaner

  • 2 Models to choose from-CM1000 & PC1000

  • SN#-13356

  • Date-1995



Priced at only $4,500. each